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Smart IR Technology

The IRB2-84VHQ has a central pod containing the camera, with two further pods attached, which contain a combined total of 84 IR LEDs. The 3-pod concept has been arranged in order to separate the IR LEDS from the main camera housing. This was necessary because IR cameras typically suffer from spiders being attracted by the infra-red LEDs.

The spiders build their webs across the front of the camera and because the IR LEDs share the same housing as the camera, when the light level drops and the IR is activated, it reflects from the web back into the camera iris - rendering the picture, in many cases, non-viewable. Separating the IR LEDs from the main camera body means that even if a spider builds a web across the front of the camera, the IR won't reflect back into the camera iris as seen on most other IR cameras. This also prevents the nightime image from being ruined by rain droplets collecting on the front of the camera glass and the IR reflecting from the rain droplets back into the camera iris.

Key Features:

  • 84 x 5mm LEDs
  • 1/3” 1.3 Mega Sony Exmor Sensor
  • 1,000 TVL
  • 50-80m IR Range
  • DNR Light enhancement technology
  • Weatherproof IP65

Night Time Test Video - 1000 TVL


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