Why it’s important to always carry a test monitor for a professional CCTV installation

May 5, 2016 1:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There’s no point turning up to site without the right equipment. The minimum required for a professional PTZ installation and faultfinding is a test monitor with telemetry and an electrical voltmeter. A test monitor is required for testing the PTZ telemetry and picture quality at the camera. The electrical voltmeter is used for testing the correct voltage is being used.

The main reasons for PTZ cameras being returned are inadequate power supplies and faulty wiring on the telemetry. Before a camera is ever returned to a manufacturer it should have a telemetry and video test by plugging the test monitor directly into the camera and also testing the correct voltage. All Basson cameras have been set up to use DC power from 22 volts to 28 volts.

Activating the IR illumination will require more current so using your volt monitor will determine whether you have enough voltage to give correct operation of the camera. One of the most common faults is using alarm cable to power PTZ cameras. We therefore recommend 1.5mm twin core flex as a minimum.