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Special High Power LEDs.

The IRB2-PTZ – a true day/night, cable-managed infra-red high speed PTZ camera that utilises cutting-edge technology in order to achieve top-end results on every occasion. The IRB2-PTZ has an 18:1 zoom, capable of a 100-meter range and delivers stunning, crisp and clear images in both day and night lighting conditions. This product also functions on low power consumption, offering effective PTZ technology whilst remaining environmentally friendly.

Our range of PTZ Cameras are equipped with double infra-red lamps which will enable a viewing distance of over 100 metres day or night. The IRB2-PTZ is equipped with the Hitachi 1/3” 18:1 auto iris auto focus zoom camera, which is a technology that has been proven to give clear and bright images – in both day and night lighting conditions – offering 530 TVL during the day and an incredible 600 TVL in pitch black environments. Our high-speed range of PTZs offer multi-protocol options. This gives you the freedom to use the telemetry control equipment of your choice. Our range of PTZs offer minimum set-up times due to optimum settings being applied to the product before it even leaves our warehouse. You may fine-tune these settings on-site – but rest assured if you get into difficulties, we also have a factory default setting to minimise further delays.  

Key Features:

  • Infra-red distance more than 100m
  • 1/3” Hitachi CCD
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • 4 programmable tours
  • IP66 weatherproof
  • 2-year warranty

See the amazing image quality on our PTZ night test videos


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